During crystal moon is a period of healing calming stress that come as the response of many problems we face in life. Spells cast during crystal moon brings hope due to the effectiveness and quick results. Spells during this time work as protection, brings abundance to life because of the strong energies and abilities of banishing big problems.

There are so many spells we can always rely on in different situations but these spells have there own timing where if performed, they will work wonders for us. If you have a problem and you know well when to work on it and get results, it will help you get yourself ready for that particular time. With Timing i mean that period when if you perform a certain ritual in line with your problem. Your prayer request with the Spirits or gods will be answered with too much ease.
1. Full Moon is best with healing rituals and protection.
2. New Moon is rather excellent with spells that are related to starting new projects, healing and abundance.
Are you wondering which kind of spells you can perform during this crystal Moon. Here’s some of those spells and how you can perform them.

Good Health Spell

For better health for you and your family, this spell should be in your head.
1. 1crystal
2. Strong visualisation
With proper visualisation of what illness you are chasing from your life or another persons life, rub the crystal on your head or their heads and say “I wish to no longer get sick×2. Now imagine your head glowing with the color that represents health. You will no longer get sick. Finally, contact Maama for the effective way of casting crystal moon spells. Use the contact form on this site to get to me now and to know more spells to help you.

Author: Maama Fatima
Traditional healer ,spell caster Maama Fatima